On Monday, the Director controller General of India (DCGI)  grant the permission to emergency use of Hydrabad-based Biological E’s covid 19 vaccine ‘carbevax’ for the 12-18 age group.
Currently, India is administering Bharat biotech ‘s Covaxin to the age group of 15-18. Government’s expert panel on vaccine administration expected to decrease  limit of age group to 12-18.
It is expected to begin the vaccination drive in March

Corbevax is a “recombinant protein sub unit” Vaccine. It is made up of The spike protein on the viruses surface which is a specific part of SARS-COV-2.

The spike protein of virus is responsible for its entry in Human body’s cell. So it can make copies and cause disease. Researchers said the when this protein alone is not expected to be harmful as the rest of virus’RNA is absent. Human body is expected to develop an immune response against the spike protein of virus.
After this, attempting of entry of real virus, immune system of body’s response will be ready that will make it unlikely for the person to fall severely ill.

This is not the first time that this type of technology is using for make the vaccines, this technology has been used for make hepatitis B vaccines,. But cobevax will be the first covid 19 vaccine to use this technology. Smiliar vaccine Novavax is also a protein based vaccine.